Stork Route Bislich

During the stork season in Bislich, the route of the same name along the nests is a must for all friends of the magnificent Master Adebar - whether on foot or by bike.

The damp meadows in the Rhine foreland, the numerous dredging holes and the small ponds known as Woy (remnants of historic dyke breaches) provide ideal conditions for the birds to breed successfully here on the Lower Rhine.

The Bislicher Heimatverein e.V. has organised this route along the stork nests to observe the storks, which have returned to the Bislich district in particular, as they clatter, nest and raise their young. Every spring, nature lovers have the chance to get up close and personal.

The stork route is a 14-kilometre circular route for cyclists and hikers. And there is much more to discover besides the storks: Along the way, you can see geese, sheep, horses, cows and herons as well as the beautiful Lower Rhine landscape.

The eight stork nests can be found at the following locations: Deichdorfmuseum, St. Johannes Catholic Church, picturesque church garden, memorial, Pieta, Neuhollandshof - Clostermann Organics fruit plantation.